Colombia to open drip coffee makers for people who can’t afford them

Colombia will start rolling out drip coffee maker programs starting next week, which will be a major boost to the country’s already burgeoning coffee market. 

The first program, the Coffee Shop program, will allow coffee shop owners to install coffee makers at their establishments, allowing them to sell a single batch of coffee at a time.

Coffee shop owners will be able to buy coffee at the store and sell it to customers.

The coffee will be poured into coffee cups or served in bowls, which the owner can use for both hot and iced coffee. 

After three years of testing and piloting, the program will expand to other coffee shops, including those in other regions.

Coffeing in the home can be expensive. 

“We believe this will be an important first step to provide the opportunity to the Colombian coffee market,” said Pablo Escobar, the countrys chief coffee producer.

The program is being launched to provide a better alternative to the expensive and often time-consuming process of making coffee at home.

The average Colombian spends around $1,000 on coffee every year.

The Coffee Shop is the first step in the government’s push to diversify Colombia’s coffee industry and bring new and creative customers into the industry.

The countrys government is aiming to create more than 4,000 jobs in the industry by 2021.