How to brew coffee that’s super easy to make at home

When I started my first coffee shop, I had no idea what coffee would be like.

My staff had never brewed coffee before and there was no standard recipe.

Now, with the advent of instant coffee and coffee-making apps, I’m all-in.

So what’s the secret?

Let’s take a look at the science behind how to brew the perfect cup of coffee.


Brew with a water that’s just right for the day.

Coffee needs water that is just right to the cup.

Too much sugar, too much water, and you’re making a bad cup.

And it doesn’t help that the water in coffee is always hot.


Use a slow-moving brew.

A slow-motion brew makes it easy to drink your coffee, and it allows you to focus on your beverage.


Use quality beans.

For every ounce of coffee you add to your coffee pot, you’re adding at least 50 grams of beans.

And when you add all the other ingredients, you get a final serving that’s a little smaller than the average cup of joe.


Add coffee-friendly ingredients.

Add a touch of coffee flavor to your cup.

You can also add cocoa, vanilla extract, sugar, or agave nectar to help balance out the coffee flavor.


Enjoy it all the same.

Coffee isn’t just a beverage.

It’s a nutrient-rich food, and a cup of great coffee has the same nutritional value as a cup from a normal-sized plate.

The difference is that a cup can have a lot of flavor, and so you’ll want to eat the same amount of it as you would a regular plate.

That’s because the body uses coffee as a fuel for the process of breaking down food.

In other words, it makes food taste better.