How to order coffee with your bagel and folgers coffee

With its new, super-cheap and super-easy bagel-and-felgin’ coffee, Folgers just pulled off a coup.

As of today, Folger’s is selling its bagel breakfast sandwiches at locations in New York City and Boston, where the sandwiches are already popular with diners.

The bagel sandwiches are priced at $1.75 each and come with an egg roll with a Folgers-designed bacon-wrapped Swiss chard.

Folgers says they’re also partnering with Starbucks to offer the breakfast sandwiches with coffee on the same day.

Folger is offering its bagels and folgs coffee sandwiches at all its U.S. locations.

(It’s also now selling the coffee itself, as well as a range of coffee-related goods.)

Folgers and Starbucks announced the partnership in April, and the bagel is currently available at more than 400 stores nationwide.

Folgings co-founder John Colaprico says the bagels will be the company’s first sandwich offering for coffee since the company started using it in 2013.

Folgs began offering coffee sandwiches to its customers in February 2016.

They’ve since been used on a wide range of breakfast sandwiches, including bagels, salads, wraps, wraps with beans and more.

(Here’s the full lineup of Folgers coffee-themed sandwiches.)

“We were able to take the iconic Folgers bagel to a whole new level with the bagELG sandwiches,” said John Colacrico, co-Founder and CEO of Folger.

“The bags are made with an old-fashioned bagel bun with a Swiss chambray crumb, making them even more special.

We’re excited to be adding these coffee-inspired bagel bites to the Folgers breakfast lineup.”

The Folgies bags have been a popular breakfast staple for decades, and have also been a hit at breakfast restaurants such as KFC and Chipotle.

Folies is not the only breakfast sandwich company that has started selling bagels with coffee, and it’s not the first coffee company to try to sell coffee sandwiches for breakfast.

Starbucks started selling coffee sandwiches with a coffee-flavored bagel at its coffee shops in 2016, and they were available to customers at locations throughout the U.K. earlier this year.

Starbucks says it’s the first time coffee sandwiches have been sold at breakfast in the U, and that’s likely due to the coffee-based bagel’s popularity in coffee shops, a trend that’s grown more popular in recent years.