The latest on the Ebola outbreak

Health officials have released a new surveillance map that shows how many people are infected in Canada.

The new map was made by the World Health Organization (WHO), which released it late Wednesday.

The WHO says the map was designed to show how many cases there are in each province and territory, and how many new cases have been detected.

The map also includes data on how many of those cases are confirmed in each city, and the number of new cases being reported to the WHO.

The Canadian Public Health Agency (CPHA) said that the new map is a welcome addition to the country’s public health strategy.

“The more we can get a sense of where people are, the more likely we are to prevent them from going into that new outbreak,” CPHA spokesperson Alissa De Vries said in a news release.

In addition to showing where people in the country are, WHO has also created a map of all people who have tested positive for Ebola in Canada, as well as their location.

The map also shows where those people are now.

The maps also show the current rate of new confirmed cases, and that the rate has dropped significantly in recent weeks.

CPHAs latest report on the virus found that the total number of confirmed cases in Canada is up by 3,500 people in recent days, with 1,900 people being in quarantine.

The new maps will help the CPHAs experts better understand the outbreak and how it is spreading.

The data will also help inform the government’s response to the virus.

Canada has recorded more than 4,500 confirmed cases of Ebola.

There are now more than 8,000 confirmed cases and 3,600 deaths.

The country has received nearly 4,800 people infected with Ebola.

That figure includes about 3,300 in Winnipeg and more than 2,500 in Ottawa.

There are also 1,500 cases of the virus in Toronto, with 2,300 confirmed.

The city has reported 1,700 confirmed cases.

In Quebec, there are about 1,300 new confirmed infections, with 515 people being quarantined in Montreal.

The government of Ontario announced Wednesday that it has ordered a halt to all new travel to the United States, and has closed all Canadian schools, museums, hospitals and other locations.