When joe’s coffee shop in Portland was once called Peet’s Coffee

joe was one of the few coffee houses left in Portland when it moved to the Oregon City neighborhood in 1972.

A few years later, it opened a new location and became a fixture in the community.

Today, the coffee house is one of Portland’s most popular spots, serving more than 1,500 customers each day.

Today, Peet, a family owned and operated business, is one the few remaining coffee houses in Portland.

Now, Peeta’s Coffee will close its doors for good, but it won’t be the last.

Peeta’s has been in business since 1972, serving local and regional coffee and tea to its customers in Portland and beyond.

In 2017, the owners decided to move Peet to a more modern space in downtown Portland.

But that decision was made on the condition that Peet could continue to serve its customers a cup of joe every day.

In 2019, the store opened its doors to the public, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Now, Peets closure is not only a loss for the community but also for its owner, Joes Peet.

He will be replaced by a new owner who plans to bring his love of coffee and his passion for the outdoors to Peetco, where he hopes to serve the public.

Joes Peets son, Alex, says the new owner will bring his passion and love of outdoor sports to Peets newest location, which will be the Peethouse.

Peet has had a passion for outdoor sports since childhood, and he is excited to be able to share his love with a new group of customers.

He says the move is bittersweet for the Peets staff and customers.

But, it will bring a new era to Peetts beloved coffee and its customers.

As the Peete family continues to grow and thrive, Jo E. Peets will be in charge of PeetCo.

Jo’s plans to open a new coffee shop next door to Peeteco in 2020, and in that new location, he hopes the Peeps coffee will be back in the hearts of its customers as much as the ones it served.

In the meantime, the Peeter family says they are excited to continue to grow their business, and they look forward to welcoming Peet into their hearts and into the Peeta family.