‘Coffee maker’ is being built in South Africa

Coffee maker maker and owner of South Africa’s most popular coffee shop is set to begin work on a new business, with a budget of just R100 million.

A joint venture between Bong & The Coffee Coop, which has branches in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban and Cape Town, will be the second coffee shop in South African capital Pretoria.

Bong has been busy recently launching a range of coffee brands including the Bong Bong Coffee, Bong Caffe, Bongo Coffee and Bong Nub Coffee.

Its owner, Ben Bong, says the new business will be built on the success of the company’s existing cafes.

Bongs coffee shop has more than 1,500 customers.

He says he has already seen an immediate boost in sales as more customers have come in.

He hopes the new coffee shop will help the business expand beyond Pretoria and eventually reach its full potential.

“We want to build a new brand and we want to expand to more coffee markets and to serve customers outside of Pretoria,” said Bong.

Ben Bong says he is excited to see the potential of this coffee shop, even though he is still in the process of finalising the design and will be in the coffee shop for a few months.

The new business plan will be completed within three months, he said.