Walmart has a new coffee table for sale

Walmart has started selling a coffee table to its employees, and it’s pretty much perfect.

The coffee table is just as beautiful and functional as the coffee table from the future, and there’s even a coffee maker built in.

You can find it on sale at Walmart stores starting this weekend, and if you have the money, you could get one for yourself.

The table measures 24 inches (72 centimeters) long by 17 inches (50 centimeters) wide and 12 inches (35 centimeters) tall.

The model is called the Green Mountain Coffee Table, and you can order it online.

The first time I saw the table, I was kind of shocked, since it was the first one I’d seen.

But when I got home and tried it out, I couldn’t stop smiling.

This coffee table looks like it could be a future coffee table.

It is.

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The Green Mountain table features a custom-designed back, a removable foam mat, a built-in drip coffee maker, and three cup holders.

The design looks pretty cool, especially considering that it uses the same technology as Apple’s new Apple Watch.

I was really impressed by how comfortable the table felt to sit on.

I also liked that the back of the table is removable, which gives you a lot of freedom when you’re looking for storage space.

There’s also a built in stand, and the cups are all removable, too.

Walmart has been selling the coffee tables in a variety of colors and shapes since the company announced the first batch last year.

The latest batch comes in a range of colors, including the beautiful Green Mountain Green.

The green table comes in several different designs, and each model comes with its own individual sticker and a code.

I ordered the Green Mtn Coffee Table and I like it a lot.

I think it looks very cool, but the most impressive part is the coffee.

It smells so good, and its taste is fantastic.

Walmart is selling the table for $99.99.

It’s currently available at