What’s in the Panera Bread® Panera® Free® Coffee Maker?

The Panera Free Coffee Maker features an aluminum frame, a built-in espresso machine, a coffee grinders, and a single-sided cup.

The cup is also removable.

The Panara Free Coffee maker features an Aluminum frame, an built-up espresso machine.

The coffee grinder is a stainless steel one.

Panera says that the coffee grinds are a blend of a proprietary blend of coffee and ground beans that are roasted by the machine in the coffee house.

The stainless steel coffee grind, which is nonstick, is removable.

Paneras Free Coffee is made by a coffee chain based in Los Angeles, and it is available at Panera’s cafes nationwide.

This morning, the Panerazos Free Coffee was on sale for $5.95.

The $5 price tag does not include the $3.95 Panera fee.