What’s your coffee maker?

The owner of a coffee maker in Montgomery County, Maryland, is suing a local coffee shop owner who claims he’s infringing his trademark on “Mr Coffee Maker.”

The lawsuit filed Monday claims a coffee shop in Silver Spring, Maryland is violating the owner’s coffee maker trademarks by advertising its coffee maker as “Mr. Coffee Maker,” and that the coffee shop is infringing the owner by advertising the coffee maker on a website and by selling it in stores.

The owner, a Maryland resident, says he first purchased the coffee machine in October, and he has since been using it to brew his own coffee.

The lawsuit claims that a “Mr” logo was used in the marketing of the coffee, which was featured on the shop’s website and its website.

The coffee shop was also advertising the machine as a “customer-owned” coffee maker and was also selling it through its website, according to the lawsuit.

The suit also claims that the owner, along with his wife, a retired Maryland state employee, and their daughter, are not entitled to any monetary damages from the coffee business, and that he has been “victimized” of an unfair trade practice.

It’s unclear if the coffee is still in use or if the owner will file a lawsuit in federal court.