When coffee prince hits the ice, he’s a real hockey player

NHL players and fans love the idea of drinking a cup of joe and celebrating with the puck.

But when it comes to the game itself, it’s often hard to find a single game that is as fun or as rewarding as the NHL’s annual cup-fest. 

But while many players and coaches will say the NHL Cup Playoffs are a must-watch, some have even gone so far as to say that the NHL needs a cup-party event.

The Stanley Cup is traditionally a showcase for the best of the best, but this year, there’s a chance to watch a bunch of players and teams in the best way possible. 

So, here’s what you need to know: How many cups will the NHL play this year? 

The NHL has played 21 Cup Playoff games so far this year.

Only five have been played in the postseason.

The league will play six games on Monday night, three on Tuesday, two on Wednesday, two more on Thursday and one more on Friday. 

Who will be the winners? 

In the standings, only one team will make the postseason and that’s the Pittsburgh Penguins.

They will face the Carolina Hurricanes in the first round of the playoffs on Sunday.

The winner will face a division rival in the second round. 

Canadiens defenseman Matt Murray has been a Norris Trophy finalist and has made the Stanley Cup Playoffs in each of his three seasons in the NHL.

He has eight goals and 26 points in the playoffs. 

Will the Penguins win the Cup? 

According to ESPN Stats & Info, the Penguins have won three of the last four Stanley Cup Playoff series, including the last three.

They have a 3-0 record in their last four games. 

How long will the Penguins be in the Cup Playoffs? 

Five of the past six seasons, the Pens have played in seven or more games in the regular season and won two of those. 

Is this the year for the Cup to go to the Eastern Conference? 

With two of the first three rounds being played in Nashville, the playoffs will be decided by the number of points scored in each round.

The Pens will have to beat the Wild, Flyers and Rangers in order to get to the Stanley, but they will have the chance to beat any team that they beat in the next round.

So far, they are tied with the Philadelphia Flyers for the fewest points scored (3.3). 

Who’s playing the best hockey? 

Pittsburgh is currently playing their best hockey in the Stanley Playoffs. 

What’s going on with Ryan Murray? 

Murray has missed the last five games due to a shoulder injury. 

If Murray returns for the second half of the regular schedule, he would have to play the full 82-game season for the Penguins. 

Should I be concerned about the Penguins in the Playoffs?

The Penguins are a playoff team for the first time in seven years. 

It would be difficult to find an NHL team that is a better possession team in the Western Conference, but the Penguins are coming off a 4-1-0 season that included a playoff appearance.

They are only one game behind the Anaheim Ducks for the fifth seed in the West. 

Do the Penguins need to win two of their next three games to be considered a contender? 

If the Penguins lose their next two games, they could still be in position to make the playoffs, but it would be very difficult to make a strong case for a team to win three games in a row.

The Penguins are 5-2-0 since the start of the season and have outscored opponents by an average of 3.6 goals per game in the past five games.

They would also need to beat either the Edmonton Oilers or Nashville Predators to have a realistic chance of winning the Stanley. 

Are the Penguins going to be good enough to make it into the Stanley Final? 

It’s hard to say with certainty whether or not the Penguins will be good in the Final.

It will depend on how well they do against the teams that will be playing in the opening round, which include the Los Angeles Kings and Tampa Bay Lightning. 

The Pittsburgh Penguins are the only team in their division that has yet to lose in the conference final, and they will face their division rivals in the round robin on Monday. 

Does the Penguins’ playoff run make them a lock for the Stanley? 

I have said before that the Penguins may be a playoff-bound team but I still think they have a shot.

It would be a major upset if they are swept out of the postseason, and if they do make the final, it will be a disappointment for them.