Which spots in Sobro coffee are the best?

Spot coffee in Sobrook, a suburb north of Sydney, is often compared to Starbucks in its design and the menu.

But unlike Starbucks, where the coffee bar is placed on a high table, in SoBro coffee, a lower table is used.

And unlike the Starbucks, there are no countertops to keep customers’ hands clean.

SoBro Coffee Co-owner Andrew Dzicic says the coffee shop’s design is what really makes it stand out.

“I think we really capture the ambience of a place where it’s so small and intimate,” he said.

“It’s not like you’re in a coffee shop and then suddenly you have to be up here and there’s the smell of coffee.”

SoBro has more than 600 coffee shops across Sydney.

While the city’s coffee culture is growing, the neighbourhood is struggling to attract more coffee drinkers.

Sobro’s location is one of the few places where you can get coffee delivered to your door.

But Andrew said his goal is to grow the neighbourhood’s coffee scene, which includes bars and restaurants.

“We want to get coffee into the hands of more people,” he told CBC News.

“That’s where we can get the most of the coffee.”