How to brew a perfect cup of coffee

A coffee shop owner in Kentucky is helping a coffee shop customer in need by selling him and his family a cup of the drink.

Joe B. was driving from his home in St. Louis to a local coffee shop in Louisville when he noticed something off about the coffee shop’s logo.

“When I saw the coffee and saw that it was a coffee tree,” Joe B. said.

“I knew it was coffee.”

Joe B.’s first thought was, ‘How do you sell coffee?’

Joe B.’ said.

After some research, Joe B was able to spot a new coffee shop, which is now called The Coffee Tree.

Joe said he started selling coffee to other customers, but he’s had the opportunity to share the drink with some of his neighbors.

“It’s just a way to say thank you for having coffee and to be able to share it with someone who has a little bit more money than me,” Joe said.

The Coffee Tree has been featured on TV shows such as The Big Bang Theory and The Mentalist.

“We’re just so excited about this, we’re so excited to be a part of the coffee world,” Joe added.

“They’re trying to be creative and we’re just excited to help them out.”

Joe said that he’s hoping that the shop can help people in need in the St. Joseph area.

“I just want to make sure that people are getting what they need, they’re not going to be going to the ER because they can’t afford it,” Joe told WKYT.

Joe’s wife has started the shop, and he said that she plans to continue selling coffee for the rest of his life.

The coffee shop has opened for business and is selling their first cup of tea, coffee, and tea accessories.

Joe hopes to eventually start selling coffee at a coffee and tea shop in his area.