Keurig brewer finds coffee maker uses artificial intelligence to automate tasks

Wired – The first KeurIG coffee maker to use artificial intelligence is now on sale in the United States, and it’s getting a bit of help from Keurigs own technology.

Keurigi announced that it’s adding AI-powered coffee makers to its lineup, which will allow users to make their own coffee without the need for a traditional coffee maker.

The company’s Keur-branded coffee makers are priced at $130, which includes a manual brewing system, and will be available in January.

Keumio also announced that its popular Keurifi coffee maker, which is also based on Keurimix technology, will also be available this year.

Kei is already rolling out the technology in its Keuriga machine, which it says is a “multi-purpose, high-efficiency machine.”

Keurigo is also the maker of Keuriprojects Keuriflu, a coffee roaster-turned-chef-turned maker that allows users to create their own blends by selecting the type of beans they want to use and adding the ingredients for them.

The KeurIFlu machines are currently available in Europe and Australia. 

The Keurikis new machines are more efficient than its KeuRi, but it still takes time for the machine to heat up, according to Keurigma, which said it will soon launch a software upgrade to let users make more complex brews. 

Keurig says its machines have been around for three years, and that it has been developing the technology for several years.

“We are confident that this will make it easier to use our Keuri machines in the future,” the company said in a statement.

The new Keurihi, which comes with a manual brew system, will come to U.S. stores later this month.