Starbucks has a new coffee tree!

Starbucks announced it has purchased Kentucky coffee trees and is planting them throughout the state, with the trees planted in areas that are hot and humid.

The trees are in locations that are known for having some of the highest humidity levels in the country, which means the trees can grow quickly, Starbucks said in a press release.

The coffee tree will be planted in communities across Kentucky.

Starbucks will also provide training and education to local residents and businesses, the company said.

“We know that Kentucky is one of the best places to grow and harvest coffee, and this will help Starbucks grow in Kentucky,” Jim Risch, the executive vice president of coffee at Starbucks, said in the press release, adding that the coffee trees will also be planted throughout the region.

Kentucky’s coffee industry is a hot commodity and Starbucks is looking to expand into other states.

Starbucks said the new coffee trees are one of its largest acquisitions in Kentucky’s history, and are expected to be available for retail stores by the end of next year.