When Chemex Coffee Filters Are So Bad They Have to Be Replaced

A little while ago, the world was shocked by the discovery that some Chemex filters were so bad that they were being replaced every three months. 

Unfortunately, this discovery has now led to the closure of the brand’s coffee filter suppliers, and it is unclear whether the company will ever be able to reopen its coffeemakers again. 

As reported by The New York Times , the filters are designed to help you filter out the harmful chemical from your coffee, but the filters are also generally very easy to mess up, and it can lead to a very bad coffee taste. 

“The filter is the perfect example of what we have seen in the past in the industry,” said the spokesperson for Chemex. 

The company reported that over the past year, it has made more than 5,000 filter replacement orders. 

Despite this, the company said that they did not expect the filter issue to reoccur, and that the supply chain was fully recovery. 

But it will be interesting to see if another supplier can be found to replicate the filters, and if they can again make the same product that was used to fix the filter problem. 

Chemex also said that the company is working with companies like PepsiCo, Coca-Cola, Androcell, Hempstead, L’Oreal and Loblaw Companies to restore the filter systems. 

 If that fails, the company is planning to make the filters available to other brands. 

Read more: Chemex coffee filter SOURCE: The New Yorker (US)