When McDonalds Coffee opens in Washington DC, it’s about the culture

The chain’s newest location, at 515 11th St., will serve coffee, salads, and sandwiches made with fresh ingredients and no preservatives, and it will also feature a rotating selection of local produce, including locally grown produce from the city.

The chain will have a small coffee bar in each building, as well as a café and a coffee bar inside the park, as part of its commitment to environmental and food sustainability.

The chain’s location at 517 11th Street will be the first in the nation to serve local produce.

It will also have a coffee shop inside the plaza, which will offer fresh brewed coffees and a small menu.

In addition, the chain will offer a coffee and tea bar inside a large courtyard that will feature local wines, artisan chocolates, and locally brewed beers.

The new restaurant is the latest chapter in McDonalds’ quest to bring fresh, local, and healthy food to a diverse city.

According to a press release from McDonalds, the restaurant will offer “a unique and fun environment that is both convenient and easy to use.”

The chain is also looking to capitalize on the upcoming Black Friday and Cyber Monday, when it hopes to tap into a growing millennial consumer base with its offerings.

In November, the company announced plans to open 20 new restaurants across the country.

According the company, “We want to make sure every McDonalds franchise in every city is welcoming and safe for all of our customers.”

The company also plans to offer a range of services to help customers prepare for the holidays, including holiday breakfast, a special Christmas-themed menu, and more.

In addition, a limited number of the chain’s restaurants will be able to offer discounts to customers with a credit card.

As part of the new deal, the McDonalds gift card offer will be extended to December 31, 2019, the day the chain plans to launch its new restaurants in Washington, DC.