Why Dunkin Donuts is selling more than 50 million coffees and pastries

A new Dunkin’ Donuts cafe in Melbourne has opened for the first time.

The coffee chain announced it would open a new cafe at its flagship store in Brunswick Street on Friday afternoon, opening to the public for the last time.

“Dunkin’ Douts is a global leader in food and drink and our commitment to supporting local communities is unparalleled,” the company said in a statement.

“The opening of Dunkin’, a new Dunkins cafe in Brunswick St has been our long-term vision, but it’s only just beginning.”

We have so much more to do to support our community, from our social enterprise and community partnership programs to our innovative and delicious flavours and our community engagement programmes.

“As we continue to make Dunkin a destination that we know we can all enjoy, we are excited to expand our store to accommodate our new customers.”

Dunkins original Brunswick Street location opened in 2006 and is located at the corner of Brunswick Street and Albert Street.

It has been a long-running tradition for the chain to open its doors on weekends, with its current location opening in June last year.

The cafe will have about 40 seats, with seating for 25 people.

The company said it would provide a range of Dunkins breakfast items including breakfast sandwiches, a traditional lunch, and a coffee, tea and pastry menu.

DunkIns new Brunswick Street store will have a range to choose from, including:• Eggnog• Eggs scrambled with maple syrup• Egg-and-milk muffins• Egg muffins topped with chocolate ganache• Pastry puff with vanilla cream cheese and a scoop of vanilla cream• Banana pudding with whipped cream and a drizzle of chocolate ganoge• Breakfast toast with toast with vanilla custard and a splash of chocolate syrup• Breakfast sandwich with scrambled eggs and a shot of espresso.

Dunnins’ Brunswick Street branch is the second of the company’s new Brunswick St stores.