India has launched its first ever coffee stand – Coffee Roaster

The government has decided to launch its first coffee stand on the grounds of coffee roaster, which is a major pillar of Indian culture.

Coffee Roaster, one of the first and largest coffee roasters in India, has decided not to accept any kind of corporate sponsorship or investment for its establishment.

The decision has been taken after the country’s chief minister and his cabinet colleagues met with a group of prominent coffee roasting companies on Tuesday, which included a group led by a beverage company and a beverage bar.

According to the statement, the meeting was chaired by former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, who was the Chief Minister of India at the time of the event.

“During this meeting, Prime Minister Singh, his cabinet ministers, and the heads of several of India’s major coffee roaring companies expressed their concerns over the proposal of an integrated coffee bar,” the statement said.

The move to open a coffee bar is in line with the government’s policy of building partnerships between coffee roakers and beverage companies to help them attract more customers.

In 2017, the government launched a ‘India Coffee Challenge’ in which it invited over 100 coffee roastery companies from around the world to take part in a contest to win a prize of Rs 2,000 crore.