Which coffee shop in Ireland is the best?

In recent years, many coffee shops in the Republic of Ireland have been struggling to keep up with demand for their coffees, as more and more people are switching to a plant-based diet.

The coffee industry is now in an uproar after an outbreak of illness in one of its establishments in September 2017, and the Food Standards Agency (FSA) warned last month that it was planning to clamp down on the number of locations where the beans can be used.

But the majority of coffee shops have managed to maintain their business, according to some of the country’s leading coffee shops.

Here are our picks for the top 5 best Irish coffee shops: 1. 

 Easter Sunday Cafe 1,622 square metres (3,845 square feet) 1 year ago This is one of Dublin’s oldest and best-known coffee shops, located on Dublin Road at the heart of Dublin.

It’s famous for its Irish coffee, which it uses to make their coffee. 

2. Etape Café 1:12 square metres (3:30 square feet).  The café is situated in the centre of Dublin, and its location makes it ideal for those who are keen to avoid crowds and make a quick stop for a cup of coffee.

The owners have developed a well-oiled coffee machine, and have the highest grade of coffee beans in Ireland, which they roast in their own kitchen. 


Families Café 4,931 square metres  1 year back The family café, in the middle of the old Dublin Road, was founded in 1929 by an Irish immigrant family. 


The Coffee and Tea Shop 2,722 square meters (5,918 square feet), 1 month ago It’s a cafe for the modern traveller, offering a wide selection of Irish-made coffee from a range of brands.

Its cafe menu features a range of sandwiches, including a variety of pastas, salads and sandwiches. 


Birds Nest Coffee Roasters 1 3,543 square metres    2 months ago With a menu that includes sandwiches, salads, and a range  of pastas the Birds Nest is the most famous and oldest coffee shop chain in the country. 


Café Del Rey 1 2,049 square metres   1 year After the iconic Irish coffee shop Cafe Del Rey, which opened in 1926, has gone out of business, this trendy and popular spot has been making a comeback. 

7. Tullamore 3 1,932 square metres  1 years ago After it closed its doors in February 2018, Tullamores new Cafe Del Rey restaurant is now back on the menu, but its menu still includes some of its classic fare.


Sally’s 1 1,858 square metres  1 year later  Slices of this Irish coffee house have a history dating back to 1887 when it opened in Cork city.

Its a good place to grab a latte and a cup, and you can enjoy a meal on the patio if you choose.


Hoover Street Cafe 2 1,064 square metres     2 years ago  The Cafe Del Ray is the biggest Irish coffee chain in Ireland and it’s the most popular of all the Irish coffee chains.

It started as a café in a Dublin street, but opened its doors to the public in 1974.


Logan’s 2 2,000 square metres