How to get your coffee fix: $2.99 bone coffee gift basket

The coffee table legs from Starbucks Coffee are no longer available, but it seems the bones are still on the table, too.

The bones were on display at the Starbucks in Downtown Washington on Monday for an undisclosed price. 

The bones are made from the bones of a coffee table, and the bones have been donated to the Center for American Biodiversity. 

“We were blown away by the love and interest the bone donation has received from customers,” said Matt Kline, who manages the bone collection. 

Kline was approached by a Starbucks employee who asked if he would be willing to donate the bones to the museum.

The employee told Kline that they were donated to preserve and protect the bones. 

When asked about the price tag for the bones, Kline said it was “a bit steep.” 

“This is the only bone donation that I have ever done, and I’ve had to work really hard on this,” he said. 

According to the organization, the bones were donated from the company’s North American headquarters in Bloomington, Indiana. 

More coffee gift options will be added as Starbucks continues to expand the store.