The world’s first coffee table with a curved top is a ‘dream come true’ for Cubans

A cuban cafe has won the bid to build the world’s largest coffee table.

Cuban coffee giant Marques Coffee announced on Tuesday it had received the tender for a 60-metre-long, 24-metres-high coffee table, known as the “rectangle”.

The cafe is situated on the shores of Lake Camacho in the Cuban capital, Havana, and is scheduled to open in March 2020.

The company’s bid was rejected by the Cuban Government, which said it did not have the required permits for the construction of the coffee table and that the design was “out of touch with the environment and the social fabric”.

The bid was approved by Cuba’s Supreme Court, which rejected Marques’ claims that the structure would create no impact on the environment.

Cuban President Raul Castro told the Associated Press news agency that he had been looking for a new place to build a coffee shop since he came to power in 2012.

“The government of Cuba has always been open to the idea of this, to build new places, but the government is the only one who has the right to say no,” he said.