‘We had a very good night’: How a group of Australian students spent their Saturday night in a giant glass coffee cup

An Australian student group spent a Saturday night enjoying the company of a giant coffee cup while filming a movie.

The group had booked the venue in a suburb of Melbourne to film a film on the “truly epic” life of an ancient Egyptian mummy.

But their first night in the house was not without its troubles.

ABC Radio Melbourne reporter Natalie Boggs told the ABC’s 7.30 program the group had decided to spend a Saturday evening drinking coffee, after having a night out in a local pub.

“Theres some serious alcohol in the cup and there was some wine involved in the whole thing,” Ms Boggus said.

“But then when you get home youre really not going to be able to take it out of the cup because theres a lot of smoke coming out.”

The movie crew also filmed a number of people’s reactions to the coffee.

The first person to wake up was a local man, who called the crew “shambolic”.

“It was a pretty big cup of coffee, you’d think it was an Egyptian, it was a really nice coffee, but you just know, it looks like a piece of glass,” he said.

“[The crew] were very respectful and it was the only place we had to stay.”

The man said he was surprised to find a large coffee cup.

“I thought it was just one of those Egyptian cup,” he told 7.15.

“It’s just kind of the norm.

But it looked a bit bigger on the screen.

I mean it was definitely a lot bigger than I thought it would be.”

Another local man called the whole experience “sickening”.

“They did take the money, it’s disgusting.

But theyre really nice people,” he added.

The man did not want to give his name, because he did not know the name of the group.

“That’s a bit of a shock to me because I think theyve been quite open about it, and they’ve told us that theyve had to take out a security guard,” he explained.

“Theyre actually quite nice guys.”

The crew had just finished filming when the smoke began to gather around the group and some people started to scream.

The woman on the right was the first to get sick, she said.