Which coffee shops are doing the best in DC?

Coffee shops in DC are doing a lot better than others in the country, according to an article published in The Washington Post. 

The Post says that the average price per cup is now $0.40, compared to $0,40 in 2012.

The article also says that Starbucks, which is a national chain, is doing well because of a variety of factors.

Starbucks coffee has become more affordable for some consumers. 

Starbucks has a large base of customers in Washington, but the company has struggled in recent years. 

More:Starbucks, which operates a chain of coffee shops in Washington and around the nation, has struggled to keep up with competition in recent times. 

In 2018, Starbucks saw its share price drop by more than a third from a peak of $6.65 to $3.60, but it has recovered. 

The company said in its earnings report that in 2019 it plans to launch a new Starbucks brand called Starbucks Coffee.

However, the company says that in the coming months it will introduce a new premium blend of the original Starbucks coffee.

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