Which coffee table is best for killing ninja?

The ninja coffee table may be a bit of a niche item, but that doesn’t mean that the ninja coffee mug doesn’t have some serious potential.

According to CBS News, a new report by Consumer Reports suggests that a modern coffee cup could be an effective way to kill ninja coffee drinkers.

According to the study, which was conducted in collaboration with Consumer Reports, a modern espresso mug is far more effective at killing ninja coffee users than a regular coffee cup.

The study found that a traditional coffee mug that holds 3 cups of coffee is far less effective than a modern mug that only holds 2 cups.

Instead, the report suggests that the coffee mug is best used in a situation where the ninja is going to be actively attacking the coffee table.

While this doesn’t make the coffee cup any less effective, it does give the ninja a bit more room to attack.

When ninja coffee drinkers are attacking the cups, they will be able to move through the table, while other coffee drinker’s will be stuck on one side of the table.

If a ninja is attacking a regular cup, they’ll be able sit on the top of the cup, and still be able get a shot at the coffee drink.

Additionally, the modern coffee mug makes the cup a bit easier to use for ninja.

As long as the coffee is well-used, it should last for quite some time.

So, which coffee table should you buy?

Here’s our favorite coffee table from Consumer Reports.

Source: Consumer Reports Photo: CBS News