iOS app launches to let you check on your email and calendar from anywhere

Apple is planning to launch its own iOS app to let users check on their email and other apps, the company said on Thursday.

The app will launch on the App Store sometime in the second half of the year, Apple’s chief operating officer Terry Myerson told reporters.

The iOS app will have features that are unique to Apple and be integrated with the Mac and desktop operating systems.

Myerson also said Apple plans to build its own virtual assistant for iOS that will let users use Siri to ask for help or ask questions.

Apple is also working on a third-party Siri for Android, Myerson said.

I would say there is a lot of innovation happening in the Apple ecosystem right now and I think there is an opportunity for iOS to be the next platform to deliver that innovation.

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook was also asked about the app, which will allow users to check their email, calendar and other information from the comfort of their homes, and check their social media accounts.

It’s really important to have an integrated system to be able to access all of your data, and we see it as a key part of our mission.

I think that we’re in a very fertile period in terms of creating apps that are very easy to use.

I can’t tell you what the exact numbers are, but I do know that Apple has invested in an app that will allow us to do things like access all your email on one platform and have people see your content on different platforms.

We’re really excited about the platform and it’s really going to be a very interesting time in our industry, but it’s going to take time to build.

Apple has been working on its own mobile operating system for a number of years, but its most recent effort focused on iOS.

Apple launched the Mac App Store in 2010, and launched its iPhone app in 2012.