Ziggis and RTE: I have a new job

In January 2015, RTE’s Ziggi was diagnosed with a brain tumour.

The Irishman would go on to undergo a series of treatments, including a biopsy and stem cell transplants, but he never got the chance to play a game.

Ziggies latest adventure was the debut episode of the hit comedy series, which has been broadcast on the BBC World Service since 2011.

The show has now aired on more than 100 countries.

Today, Ziggs story is told in an RTE podcast, which you can listen to below.

Ziggs first appearance came as a guest on the show and the episode was written by the late Andrew Tindall.

Listen to the podcast and read Ziggys story in full below.

The podcast includes a few moments from Zigg’s life and the adventures of his family.

It’s also available on iTunes.

Zingers Story Ziggas first appearance, in March 2018, came as an in-studio guest on The Late Late Show with James Corden.

Listen below.

“I am a very lucky guy.

I’ve got a very good job.

My family are good people.

I’m very happy,” Zigg said at the time.

Zigg’s family and friends were supportive and delighted with the interview.


Today Zigg is starring in the film Zigg.

The film is being produced by Michael Bay.

In addition, Zig is in the news with his participation in the first ever Pride Parade in Ireland.

In 2017, Ziggs appeared in the series of films starring Liam Neeson.

Listen here to learn more about Zigg and the film. 

Zigg’s Story is available on Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play Music, Apple TV, Amazon Prime and the BBC iPlayer. 

“Ziggi is a hugely popular character in Ireland and it is always a joy to work with the team here at RTE,” said Richard McCafferty, RTV producer.

“We are thrilled to have Zigg as part of our Irish comedy network.”

“Zigg is a very well-known character and a very popular one.

He is a character that you can relate to,” said Mark Ritchie, Rte broadcaster.

“He’s just very, very funny, with a very unique way of talking and his humour is very personal.

We’ve all felt that way about him and have always had a love for his work and we’re very proud to have him on board.”

Listen below to hear Zigg tell his story and learn more from his family and fans. 

Zigg Is Out On The Screen With James Cordell and Liam Neeon On February 17, 2017, RtV’s James Cordel hosted the premiere episode of Zigg: The New Adventures of Ziggs.

Listen in the player above.

Ziggle is now playing in a number of new comedy projects.

His latest is in The Longest Yard, directed by James Patterson.

Listen above to find out more about the film, and watch a trailer for it below. 

Airing On The BBC iPAZ Zigg, James Cordal and Zigg in the Movie James Cordell hosted the second episode of The Long End of the Road, the Zigg story, on the iPAX platform on January 25, 2019.

Listen on the channel below: